Pyramid Pose – Parsvottanasana

PyramidFAlso called Intense Side Stretch Pose. Start by standing with your feet hip width apart. Step one foot up anywhere from 12 inches or a few feet. The distance of your feet depends on how deep you want the stretch to be. The back foot should rotate a few degrees away from you. Check to make sure your hips are aligned so one side isn’t more forward than the other. If one hip is more forward then your feet are too fat apart. Take a big inhale as you reach your arms overhead and as you exhale fold forward. If you you can’t touch the ground you may want to use blocks until you get there. Hello Hamstrings! FYI Make sure you have a micro bend in the front knee while doing the pose. You can easily overextend your knee. BE CAREFUL! When you start to come out of the pose place both of your hands on your front thigh and bend your knee and then rise to standing. Now to the other side. Have fun! Love this one. PHOTO BY amyelizabethbruce