Fire Log – Agnistambhasana

This pose could be easy for you or it could be very uncomfortable. Have a blanket ready if you need to wedge it under a knee for support.  Sit in easy seated pose (sukhasana) and begin to move your feet so that your knees and ankles are stacked directly on top of each other.  This is the eventual goal but if its too hard you can fold forward in easy seated pose and each time you do the pose try to move your feet a little further.  You can stay sitting up or you can fold forward to intensify the stretch.  You’ll get there!  This is one of my everyday poses.

ANATOMY LESSON: Remember with yoga that you can feel the stretch anywhere you might be tight.  You should feel a deep stretch in your hip.  This is getting your gluteus muscles (your butt cheek area) and the muscles located under the glutes the lateral rotators. You may also feel it down your leg.  PHOTO BY amyelizabethbruce